There is a fair amount of misinformation and rumormongering (you have to love that word) making the rounds concerning the proposed assessment of Social Studies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The facts, as we currently have them, are set forth in the following documents. The first is a link to the Pennsylvania Bulletin January 9, 2010 publication of the State Board of Education's changes to graduation requirements as set forth in Chapter 4 of the Pennsylvania Code. The second is a PDE document that you should share with all concerned teachers, administrators, and community members who are seeking explanations. Finally, there is a position paper from the Council of Chief State School Officers concerning the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which may have some bearing on the development of Pennsylvania's Keystone Exams.
In the Fall of 2011 The Department of Education announced that the Keystone exam development for Civics and Government would proceed based on budgetary considerations.
Pennsylvania Bulletin Announcement (January 9, 2010) concerning the Keystone Assessment

Keystone Assessment FACTS from PDE:

Transforming Education: Delivering on Our Promise to Every Child (PDF)

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS (updated February 12, 2012
Governor Corbet's proposed budget indicated funding for three (3) Keystone Exams, Biology, Alegbra 1 and Literature. He did not say he was cutting the Civics and Government exam, yet he did not say he WAS funding it. As of February 12, 2012 it is still a proposed budget. anything can happen. The real bottom line is to make curricular decisions based on the student needs of the local district. Chapter 4 of the Pennsylvania school code reminds us that the primary reason for public education is to create contributing citizens.
When designing curriculum, the focus should always be the end product for students is to be a citizen of the community, state, nation and the world. When public education creates citizens who are actively engaged and informed, the future of the Republic is ensured.

NEW Eligible Content and Assessment Anchors

Just released on the SAS website under the tab Contnet -- Download PDF's "" -- Assessment anchors and the eligible content for Civics and Government.