I have always loved trivia, especially trivia related to Social Studies. My family accuses me of being " Freakishly out there" when it comes to the small tidbits of knowledge I have about history. In my work around the Commonwealth, I have met others with the same passion for trivia.
This page is designed to be for those who enjoy the pursuit of trivia and the thrill of the hunt to find the answers.

Anwers will be given on the following Friday.

Question for October 28, 2011?

How was it, that Squanto was able to speak English to the Pilgrim colonists in Plymouth in 1620?

Holloween traditions come from what ethnic origin / culture?

Questions for October 21, 2011

A. Could President Grant have spoken on the telphone from the White House to his former enemy, Robert E. Lee?
Answer: No, Robert E Lee died in 1870. The telephone was not patented until 1875. Rutherford B. Hayes was the first President to speak over a telephone.
B. What events, if any, were happening in the great Plains of the American Continent while the U.S. Constituion was being written in the summer of 1787?
Answer: The Commanche Nation was at war with the colonial Spanish government in what is now Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Questions for October 14, 2011

A. What US President said "The philosophy of the classroom today will become the philosophy of government tomorrow." ?
answer: Abraham Lincoln

B. The year is 1877, what famous general's funeral and burial is held at West Point after his death in 1876?
answer: General George Armstrong Custer

Questions for October 7, 2011

What Revolutionary War hero is commemorated by Presidential Proclamation on October 11 each year?
Hint#1 The Father of the U S Cavalry
Hint # 2 He is one of 7 individuals given honorary citizenship of the United States.
ANSWER: General Casamir Polaski

Who was the first Western musician to tour China, in 1993? He died on October 12, 1997.
In addition, he also performed in the Soviet Union, and was the first American to perform in Vietnam following the conclusion of the war.

Hint #1 He was extremely popular in the 70's and 80's in America.
Hint #2 He lead his Windstar Foundation in fighting "World Hunger"

ANSWER: John Denver, aka John H. Deutchendorf, jr.