Web Applications That Force Everyone to THINK

Entitled "The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See", this YouTube production has been making the rounds. On the surface, it is about climate change, and yet there are a number of questions at work here. What is the role of empirical science in the argument? How is the process of economic choice portrayed? What elements set off alarms in the viewer? How is the argument compelling?

Watch the **Space Station**come together over a quick 12 years! From USA Today

Evaluating this one, too, but it certainly is fascinating--and sobering. **This Site** attempts to provide reference and statistics for the gargantuan size of the current oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico.

Just as Karl Fisch's //Fischbowl// has been instrumental to so many good teachers, so has Pennsylvania native Jim Gates's **//Tipline//** served a vital role. Check it out!

Types of governments explained video on youtube is a compact concise explanation of governments. After watching there is a point of clarity in Republicans and Democrats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4r0VUybeXY